Why Your B2B Marketing Strategy Should Be Data-Driven?

Targeting your audience by demographics and geographic location is no longer enough to attract meaningful customers to your brand. Then why should you waste your marketing budget on the old-school approach? Today, data-driven marketing is the foundation of a successful message delivery with the personalized experience demanded by your customers. 


Data-driven marketing provides actionable insights and in-depth behavioral data analysis of your prospects and existing customers. Global data engine technologies empower operations and marketing teams with the identification of definite audiences. Subsequently, an innovative data-based marketing strategy supports the journey of digital marketing campaigns by delivering effective content to ideal prospects on their preferred channel.  

Why is Data-Driven Marketing Important? 

Regardless of the industry, marketing and sales teams are under pressure of generating more leads or closing more deals to enhance revenue. With the current level of competitive business environments, the pressure of lead-gen is higher than ever. Data-driven marketing methods and integration of data are significantly important, especially for B2B companies. The data not only provides a 360° view of your prospects, but it also helps in understanding the most up-to-date market trends and provides an advantage of delivering engaging content.

5 Advantages of Data-Driven B2B Marketing

Digital marketing experts apply data-driven insights to understand the complex demands of their prospects and current customers. Successful digital campaign conversion paths with a high competitive advantage rely on real-time data – especially in B2B. 

Custom Audience Targeting

Successful B2B marketing strategy must focus on narrow target audience groups – as much as possible. Alongside enormous amounts of full-scope data, organized in multi-channel digital campaigns, there’s an opportunity for your prospects to get useful and relevant content. Focusing on personalized communications has been proven to increase campaigns’ conversion rates.


Data-driven automation of the marketing campaigns and continuous data analysis strengthen targeting methods. Knowing on which websites or social media platforms your prospects interact, time, and location of engagement, will strengthen the performance of your digital campaigns. 

B2B leads

B2B Leads Generation

Data-driven marketing helps companies to boost ROI with access to the highest quality leads. This is especially crucial for sales operations. When the CRM is stuffed with leads that are not interested in your product or service, your sales team is wasting precious time on cold calling. With Outlasted Data’s B2B data-driven leads service, your sales team gets valuable business data of your prospects, including names, last names, job titles, phone numbers and emails. The bottom line is that the highest-quality leads rely on accurate and real-time data. 


Customer Experience 

The first step of a successful data-driven marketing approach is identifying and segmenting your target audiences. Now, when you know your audience, it will be a piece-of-cake finding leads that match that criteria. Not all of your potential customers will be driven by the same content and will convert from the same CTA. With the help of data, you can optimize your content to engage with the ideal customers and increase conversion rates.


What problem does your product or service solve for each customer type? By segmenting your customers, your marketing team can craft content that addresses the problems of different customer groups. This personalized data-driven approach increases engagement and yields a higher number of conversions, especially for B2B-oriented companies.


Brand Loyalty  

Your prospects have the power of finding an abundance of online services while searching the web. Creating brand awareness for your customers, who are surrounded by the loud digital buzz, makes a huge difference in successful revenue generation. Establishing brand loyalty with your customers is one of the most important factors in overcoming global competition. Data helps to identify market challenges and overcome competition with the most relevant problem-solving promotions, social advertisements, and digital campaign efforts integrated with your CRM.


Data finding tools are designed to strengthen your brand presence and increase your customer base. Clear identity profiling and personalized behavioral analysis identify where stronger messaging and client engagement are needed. Our social data engine monitors mentions, comments, engagement and posts, while providing marketing professionals with profiling that drives more B2B leads. It’s an effective way to strengthen brand positioning by reaching and retargeting your customers with the most optimal content. 




Consistent Marketing Campaigns Optimization  

Digital marketing campaigns that generate real-time quality leads are the ones that deliver great content at the right place and at the right time. Data empowers digital campaigns to meet people exactly when they are ready to buy or take action. Data will guide your content marketing plan to be the most effective. The best email subject lines, social media advertisement CTA (call-to-action) lines, or the offering of text messaging campaigns are defined by insights from an in-depth data analysis. 


It is important to review marketing campaigns to define what message works best and what does not work. Quick optimization drives successful B2B campaigns. Please keep in mind that customers’ needs change over time. The tactics that your marketing team has taken last month, may not work tomorrow to drive sales or generate more leads. When campaigns are running, it’s super important to analyze each campaign, social message or email content with A/B testing. When data is telling you that something is not working, you the ability to quickly apply changes and manage your digital marketing budget with the most optimal ROI.  

How to Implement a Data-Driven a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy?

Are you ready to implement a data-driven marketing strategy? Start by defining business goals that you would like to achieve with data-driven marketing. Marketing experts typically focus on goals such as: attracting new customers, increasing the revenue from remarketing to existing customers, increasing customer engagement, generating more sales leads, or enhancing the customer experience with your brand. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or a combination of target goals, Outlasted Data is here to help your business reach that goal with data marketing and clear identity profiling. Feel free to contact us regarding data-driven marketing or B2B leads generation.

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