A Guide to Bulk Email Messaging

Bulk email messaging

The sending of mass emails can sometimes be associated with laziness and spamming of potential customers. While many recipients often cringe at emails that they know have not been personalized or unsolicited, sending emails to multiple recipients at a time can be a great way to save your marketing team time while still making an impact on your overall lead generation, especially while working with verified business data for your needs.

There are things you need to be aware of before setting up a successful mass email campaign. Develop strategies that you can put into place that will increase the likelihood of a response from a bulk email. The right implementation of a proper email marketing strategy will also limit the number of bounces, negative responses, and emails that end up in spam folders. The idea is instead to increase open rates and responses – and the ultimate goal: grow your business by attracting new leads and conversions to your business.

Based on our extensive research and knowledge of email marketing, especially bulk message campaigns, we’ve cultivated the guide of all guides to maximizing the success rate of your bulk email campaigns. 

What is Bulk Email?

Somewhat different than a mass email, bulk mass email messaging is the strategic sending of multiple emails to multiple recipients using automated, customizable software. You can send messages to all or some of your network or address book with each email fulfilling a specific purpose. 

Many of these emails can be automated to send when a customer buys, to remind them of an upcoming invoice or purchase, and more. The best bulk emails are sent when there is a common update or message to be shared with an already established network or audiences, such as an update to terms and conditions, updates on new products, and coupons. 

The right software, such as that offered by Outlasted Data, will help generate new, verified contacts (emails and phone numbers), provide ways to engage with your audience, and help to analyze responses and other key metrics. 

Are Bulk Email and Spam the Same Thing?

Unless you’re sending bulk emails without the permission of the receiver, your email could be considered spam. Spam or “junk” email are usually messages that are advertising in nature, come from an unverified source, are unpersonalized and unwanted. With bulk email deliverability setup and maintenance, you will be able to reach the highest CTR and engagement. We take care of domain verification, deliverability setup, email setup, IP reputation, email monitoring, email hygiene and mailing list management.

You can send bulk emails to include recipients who may not have expected an email from you, but if you can quickly authenticate your relationship and provide something of value, your email can still be a positive one. This is why it can often be a good idea to cold call instead of cold email in the first phase of your marketing campaign. Providing a name, connecting on Linkedin, or being recognizable in some form will give you a step up from the competition. 

Should I Send Bulk Email to Everyone in My Database?

There’s a grey area when it comes to sending bulk emails. Your recipients will likely be divided on whether or not they want the email you’re sending. For example, if you are sending promotional offers for your business, such as an exclusive coupon code, you will get more open than if you are sending an update on your terms and conditions. Optimizing your email marketing software to segment your contact into groups based on their relationship to your brand, their responsiveness, etc. will increase the likelihood that your email will reach the right people. 

How to Send a Mass Email That Works

As we mentioned above, there are strategic ways you can prepare for your bulk email that will increase its likelihood of success.

  • Use your own dedicated IP address. Odds are you already have one if you’re emailing from your brand’s workspace. But, you share your IP address with other businesses or individuals and it gets reported for unethical behavior, your business reputation is also going to suffer. It’s also important when using a new IP address, to build a good reputation by starting with small batches and making your way up to large mass emails. Starting too big too soon can flag your business as spam or even fraudulent. 
  • Use an email marketing platform that will allow you to send as many emails as you need, whether that’s 20 or millions. They should also provide features such as segmentation, automation, and personalization. The platform is best suited if you can scale it to meet your business needs and goals as you grow.
  • Format your email properly. It’s true when it comes to marketing-focused emails, structure is everything. You should draft your email enough in advance to make changes and fixes if necessary. Make sure you’re offering something of value and your subject line reflects this. Don’t make promises in your subject line you don’t deliver on within the body of your email. 
  • Have a clear CTA (call to action) and keep it to only one per email. This can be a button, reply request, etc. 
  • Your preview text should be just that – a preview of what your recipient can expect to read. Don’t bait recipients into opening your email but do provide a preview that is catching and will motivate them to open. 

When it comes to sending bulk emails, you’re going to learn quite a bit along the way about what works and what doesn’t for your industry and your particular audience. As long as you’re open to shifting your strategy when necessary, you’ll reach your email marketing goals. Remember though: Be sure to send each email to the right people and not to your entire address database; it’s important to be strategic and not too rushed to see results. Good luck!

Interested in learning more about how Outlasted Data can help you generate the highest response rate to your bulk emails? Reach out for a conversation or take a look at what our successful and reputable clients have to say!

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