Using Multi-Channel Marketing to Find New B2B Customers

Let’s face it – our audience is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if we’re trying to attract consumers or other brands, we’re going to find them on multiple platforms. Potential clients may be reading an online business journal while streaming a video on Youtube and scrolling through their Instagram feed. Now, as businesses, we just need to figure out how to get their attention so they’ll focus on us. 

Inbound marketing has grown pretty quickly over the last handful of years and has gone from a “maybe I should post a blog” mentality to a “this is a philosophy we need to follow to attract potential clients to us instead of shouting at them with unwanted messages.” By sticking to inbound marketing as your core marketing strategy, it’s only natural then that we have to use multi-channel marketing messages to reach our audience. Doing this effectively from the beginning will bring new B2B leads quickly. 

Although multi-channel marketing can be offline and online, we will focus on online digital channels that encourage business clients to engage with your content. Online multi-marketing includes blog posts, emails, pay-per-click marketing, social media, and more.

Know Your Audience

Remember, it’s all about value. To make sure you’re providing something of value to your B2B customers, you need to know who they are – deeper than just that they might want to buy your office equipment or new technology. 

It’s time to start thinking like your audience as both a business customer as well as a consumer. Where do they live? How large are their companies? Do they work long hours, have families, interact with other businesses online? What do they want to see? We know these are a lot of questions, but if you can build the persona of your audiences, targeting becomes more effective. 

Understanding your target audience in depth may be complex and not fulfilling with traditional data and demographic analysis techniques. With a sentiment and intention analysis designed to help companies create content strategically. Outlasted Data’s sentiment analysis and other solutions will help you personalize your connections with appealing information, hence reach more relevant customers. 

Be on the Channels Your B2B Customers Use

Feel free to survey connections and analyze customers to find out where they spend most of their time. If you discover that they’re not on Instagram – don’t add it to your multi-channel marketing plan, rather focus on LinkedIn for professional relations. 

If you cut out where they’re not, you can better focus on where they are. Be sure to integrate your content and marketing across all these channels. It will not only help you manage your budget smarter, you also won’t need to pay for content creating for each channel. This practice keeps your marketing and brand consistent and recognizable – which is one of the main features of the most successful marketing campaigns. 

Email Marketing for B2B businesses

One place that you will most likely find your clients is email. Here are some fun email marketing facts for 2021:

Almost all businesses use email for business communications. This includes buying products and services they need for their business. 

Based on our campaignns analysis, Click-through-Rates (CTRs) are 50% higher for B2B email campaigns than for B2C email campaigns.

60% of our B2B clients prefer email is their most effective marketing B2B channel in terms of revenue generation. 

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As business professionals ourselves, and you as readers can likely confirm, is that we check our emails uncountable times per day. Receiving an email from a source we trust, such as a company we do business with or could do business with, we’re probably going to open it. Now, if you’ve got something of value in that email, such as a blog post, coupon code, or another effective way of advertising, then you’re likely going to lead them to your website. 

To target specific audiences with high conversion rates, we highly recommend starting with email validation. Cleaning your existing lists and auto verifying new emails Via API​ will reduce the bounce rates and increase opening rates of your email campaigns.

Targeting B2B leads with Social Media

Social media comes in handy to support multi-channel marketing. You’ve got this huge audience available to you on social media. Facebook and Linkedin are huge paid promotional platforms for businesses and so are Instagram and Twitter (for smaller companies, large brands and entrepreneurs). If you can provide content that is interesting, entertaining, educational, and motivating, you are likely going to build your followers and audience. 

You can usually attract your audience to sign up for your email list by simply just asking. Holding content for email subscribers or promising an inside scoop at deals and upcoming products also helps boost those numbers. After you get the attention with engaging content, follow our strategy on how to maximize B2B leads with social engagement. 

Don’t forget that your website is a form of multi-channel marketing.

We found that B2B companies’ highly engaging and educational blogs generate 70% more leads. Even businesses that post just once or twice a month generate more B2B leads than those who don’t blog at all.

Your website is probably the key location you want to attract your potential customers to – because it’s likely the place that those leads will convert into loyal customers. You can continue to connect with them on your website by offering content like blog posts and videos, while showing expertise in your field and educative elements about your product or technological service. 

Growing your presence across multiple channels takes time, but creating a strategy that consistently sends the same message and value across all the channels you use will eventually grow your audience as well as your customers. So, where are your customers located? Be where they are – and offering something they can connect with – and they’ll find you. 
Need more help building the best multi-channel marketing campaign to find new B2B customers? Reach out for a conversation with Outlasted Data today.

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