How to Find Someone’s Business Email with Ease?

With the whole world online these days, reaching out to businesses around the globe is almost always a breeze, almost. 

However, there’s one piece of information in the online world that can illude even the most competent digital marketer – the humble business email address. People often treat their business email address much like their home address, keeping it as private as possible, making contact just that little more difficult. 

So how do you go about finding someone’s business email without going in online circles? The answer might just be simpler than you would originally think.


Why would you search for a specific email address?

If you have your business (or even personal) email address published just about anywhere online, chances are that you’ve received some form of unsolicited spam along the way.

It’s annoying to receive and it often feels like a breach of trust that your email address is out in the open for anyone to find and contact. Most people feel exactly the same way, especially when it’s their business email that starts attracting spam from all corners of the web – that’s why they’re so highly guarded!

However, when the right cold email come through, this attitude can be quickly flipped on its head. You see we’re not talking about badly written emails from clear spam accounts looking to make a quick buck, we’re looking at valuable contacts to connect and ultimately work with.

Finding the email address of specific individuals or teams in a business can be the foot in the door that you need. Whether it’s an investor, a potential client or anybody else in-between that you can provide value to – their email address might just be the golden ticket, if you can find it, that is.


Quickly research your prospect

If you’ve not already done so, quickly researching the individual with a swift Google search can be a great way to track down their email address. 

There are a plethora of different locations that the target email could be found – but not all of them will be easy to find. A speedy Google search of the name and company, although unlikely, might bring up the contact details that you’re looking for.

The next step in your online investigation should be to head over to their social media accounts, primarily whether or not they can be found on LinkedIn. The business-focused platform is a goldmine for finding contact information and email address are among the favorite.

Twitter is another good social channel to conduct research and their advanced search option makes finding business emails a doddle, but only if they’ve previously shared it in a tweet. Depending on the industry that you’re in, this may be commonplace – but for others, it’s unlikely to be a solid suggestion.


Guessing an email address

It may sound ridiculous at first, but guessing a business email address can be one of the fastest ways to finding that new contact. 

The majority of companies use a standard email pattern for all of their email addresses with clear favorites across popular businesses. A huge 49.9% use the {first} structure with {f}{last} and {first}.{last} taking the second and third spots with 12.2% and 11.5% of all business email addresses. 

It may not be the most scientific of methods, but it can be surprisingly effective! 


Email Finder from Outlasted Data

The business email finder from Outlasted Data is one tool that you’ll wish that you’d spotted sooner. 

The Email Finder does the work for you, finding and verifying a list of accurate business emails from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter that are primed and ready for your targeted outreach. Actually, this is the only tool that finds both business and personal emails. The tool helps users enrich their customer relationship management with both personal and business data with information including name, role, company and of course, that vital business email.

The Email Finder allows users to both find contactable data and reduce their email bounce rates in seconds through its simple interface. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to take the legwork (and the guesswork) out of online contact. 


Email verification

Typically, once you have managed to get your hands on a list of email addresses, you will go through an email verification process.

Please be aware that with Outlasted Data’s Email Finder, you get verified emails only – ready for integrating with your CRM or marketing automation software. 


Reaching out the right way

There are countless different right ways to reach out to potential clients, sponsors and investors, but there are just as many, if not more, wrong ways to cold approach.

The business email addresses of the right people are valuable and deserve to be treated that way. This means that you don’t want to be sending emails that are purely advertising and sales copy. That’s a surefire way to get those people you’ve tried so hard to reach to quickly turn the other way. 

Well-written, carbon-copy emails are another way to get individuals to switch off when reading your email content. Instead, these emails should be clear, concise and tailored to the company and/or individual that you’re reaching out to. 

Nobody wants to receive the same copy and paste job and no matter how well it’s written, the brand ambiguity is always clear.


To wrap things up

There are a variety of different ways that we can find an individual’s business email address ranging from a simple google search to literal guesswork.

However, if you’re looking for a tool that takes all the hassle out of finding contact information, the Email Finder from Outlasted Data has to be one of the best choices. 

Don’t forget to test out the email addresses found and reach out the right way – the only thing worse than sending a copy-and-paste spam email is to receive the bounce back! 

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