How Customer Data Can Increase Revenue

If you look around at your competition in the B2B space, you’ll notice a few key things that help others stand out among the rest. The ones who make it look easy while constantly making strides towards larger clients, more revenue, and better business do a few things that others often neglect to consider. And if you’re trying to get a leg up on the competition, you’ll want to adopt a few crucial practices as well. Perhaps the most important things that successful B2B operations have mastered is data management and their ability to leverage customer data in a way that works for them. 


Leveraging Customer Data

In the B2B space, it’s no secret that one new client can be a significant source of revenue for a business. Unlike B2C operations, a single purchase can sustain a business in a much larger capacity. You aren’t selling $100 products that collectively contribute to your bank account, you’re making multi-thousand dollar sales that pay salaries and keep the lights on, so investing in your customer data structure and initiatives to leverage it properly is key! 


It Starts With Structure

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of working for an organization that simply didn’t know how to organize data or files in a way that enabled productivity. When your data is a mess, it’s infinitely less likely that you’ll be able to benefit from it in the long run. Your data should be structured in a way that makes things easy to find and even easier to gain insight from. Building or investing in a database is a great place to start. And once everything is put in it’s corresponding place, make sure team members are trained on how to view, explore, and analyze data within the database effectively. This step can take your business to new heights, and we’re only just getting started. Keep reading to learn more about why marketing and sales teams rely on Outlasted Data


Automate, Automate, Automate

Once your B2B data is stored properly, you unlock the opportunity to automate many of the tasks that likely take up a large amount of time each day. Invest in systems that allow you to automate outreach of new leads, check ins with past customers, follow-ups, invoices, you name it. Many software platforms allow you to create automated messages like this that feel personalized and genuine, eliminating the robotic concerns about automation software. Once your team no longer feels bogged down by things that take up so much of their time, they’ll be able to put their creative energy towards greater things. 


Create Customer Groups and ICPs

Now that your data is organized in a way that actually allows you to see the bigger picture of your customer base, you can analyze it in order to create customer groups or ideal customer profiles (ICPs). Creating customer groups is a great way to segment your customers in relation to your offering. This means that you can identify which customers would benefit from which products or services you offer most, and target them specifically with those initiatives. Instead of blasting your entire customer list with everything you have, you can segment and target in a way that feels genuine. Your customers will feel like you’ve listened to their needs (or read their minds) and are more likely to engage with your communications. ICPs can also make it easier for your team to identify how individual customers would benefit. 


Reach Out to One-Time Customers

One of the metrics you can likely track thanks to a well-organized data system is one-time customer status. This is a great group to tap into because they were willing to invest in you before, and they’re likely to invest in you again if only you are able to meet their needs and requests. Consider a personal outreach to groups like one-time customers, unhappy customers from previous quarters, and customers who mentioned that it wasn’t in their budget the last time you spoke. These sensitive leads are likely to be fruitful given a little bit of extra TLC. Leveraging customer data in this way can position your business as insightful, genuine, and compassionate in the marketplace, where many other B2B orgs are seen as the opposite. 

Why Outlasted Data

With a proven track record of helping organizations grow, we know what it takes to optimize your outreach goals and bring in new business. Our email finding and verification technologies save you time, energy, and money, and you can get hands-on data-insight help from the pros. We help our clients target ideal prospects and retain customers with the most effective message and content for email outreach campaigns and sales operations.

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