How Email Finder can help you generate higher quality B2B leads

There are now over four billion email users worldwide. This means that if you want to reach out to a prospective customer, all you need to do is get their email address and send them a message.

However, what do you do when you don’t know someone’s email address?

When you work in sales or marketing, an email finder can be a fantastic way to discover accurate new leads for your business, as well as verify the leads you already have. A LinkedIn email finder delivers personal and business emails straight to sales and marketing professionals while eliminating precious time spent on manual email search.

This article will overview how an Email Finder benefits sales and marketing professionals with high-quality leads.

What is an email finder?

An email finder is a tool that finds email addresses and other contact details for your business.

It works by scanning website pages and social media accounts (such as LinkedIn) for visible email addresses. Think of it like Google, but exclusively for emails!

Email finders provide a wide range of different ways to find addresses. For example, you can search by web domain, company name, or even the name of the person you want to contact.

The email finder will then provide you with a list of emails you can use to send a message.

Here’s how the OutlastedData Email Finder works

Let’s say a colleague has given you the name of a potential lead that may be interested in your product or service. 

Although you know the name of the company they work for, unfortunately, you don’t have an email address to send an introductory message to.

What are your options?

  • You could send the email to a generic email address like info@ or inquiry our sales team’s time to your prospect. 
  • You could try and guess the prospect’s email address, which could take hours of trial and error
  • You could call the company and ask for the prospect’s email address, but the company may not be willing to give you this information

All of these options are time-consuming. Rather than focusing on outreach, you will be wasting energy on email search.

Alternatively, our LinkedIn Email Finder will help you identify your lead’s personal or business email, increasing the opportunity of them replying to your message as well as saving you time.

With the OutlastedData LinkedIn Email Finder, prospecting just became easier. It takes only seconds to find an individual address and a minute to get a bulk list of emails extracted from LinkedIn. Most of our professional contacts are on LinkedIn and that is where you’ll find their emails. 

With an email finder, you will get an email by visiting your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. All emails will be saved to your leads management dashboard. The email finder will also deliver a list of emails when you upload a list of LinkedIn profiles with the help of Bulk Import.

LinkedIn Email Finder will help you identify the naming convention to make sure your message lands in their inbox. This tool equips marketers, sales professionals, and recruiters with verified emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. 

What are the benefits of using an email finder?

As you can see from the example above, email finders are a terrific way to identify an email address when you don’t have it to hand.

There are many benefits to using an email finder in your sales team, including:

1. Saving your sales team’s time

A study by McKinsey found that salespeople spend an average of 13 working hours a week writing, sending and managing emails. That’s nearly two full days!

Using an email finder can help reduce the time your sales team spends on administration, giving them the valuable time they need to pitch to companies and win new business.

2. Increasing email open rate

As we touched on in the example above, sending your sales messages to a generic email address can be a risky thing to do.

These email addresses can be left unmonitored for long periods of time. Alternatively, they might be monitored by someone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to pass sales emails on to the relevant people.

Sending your sales email directly to the relevant prospect increases the likelihood of them getting it, reading it and responding to it.

Six out of ten emails sent directly to a recipient are tracked as read, meaning that sending your message to a personalized email address boosts your chances of a sale.

3. Reducing email bounce rate

While the odd bounced email here and there won’t cause any harm to your business, a continuously high bounce rate can cause potential problems.

If your email provider thinks your bounce rate is too high, it may put your email domain on a blocklist. Being on a blocklist means that your emails are more likely to go directly into your recipients’ junk mail folders. This will lead to you having to spend considerable time and effort to be taken off the blocklist.

With over 60 billion junk emails worldwide every day, you don’t want your B2B sales emails to be marked as spam.

4. Giving your sales team peace of mind

Up to 25% of the records in your customer relationship management (CRM) software are inaccurate. This can not only frustrate your sales team, but potentially annoy prospective customers too.

Checking your leads before you put them into your CRM will give your sales team peace of mind that any emails in the system are accurate and up to date.

This means that if anyone on your team needs to reach out to a prospect, they can do so without worrying that the information they have on file is incorrect.

In conclusion – a high-quality email finder can make your sales team more efficient and increase the revenue they bring to your business.

Give the Outlasted Data email finder service a try

Has this article inspired you to improve prospecting with an email finder? Our LinkedIn email finder will help you find brand new leads for your business if the answer is yes. 

Our email finder works by searching LinkedIn for verified emails and phone numbers, so you can reach out to prospective customers with complete confidence.

There’s even a Chrome extension that saves you time, meaning that you and your sales team can focus on closing those all-important deals faster.

Visit our web page for more information and take a step towards a more streamlined sales process today.

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