B2B Leads Generation Hacks for 2021

Feeling frustrated that your business is not generating enough quality leads? Please know that you are not alone! Generating high-value B2B leads is one of the biggest challenges for marketers in 2021. Luckily, you are in the right place. We are to support your marketing and sales pipeline with leads that encourage business growth.

Lead generation is a never-ending task for large-scale enterprises and startups. The following tips will increase your B2B leads productivity. Now let’s get to work and have fun with it. 


Lead Generation Trends You Should Try in 2021

The main goal is to inform your prospects about your product or service and stimulate them to make the purchase. Best B2B lead-gen techniques encompass marketing operations on various channels, including display ads, paid social media ads, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO,) and consistent performance with highly engaging content. The most optimal marketing channel won’t be the same for different types of businesses. 

Please do yourself a favor – manage your marketing budget wisely with data analysis and verification. 


Personalized Outreach based on Data Verification 

In today’s competitive business environment, data accuracy is the basis for a productive and cost-effective lead generation plan. You can easily reach more prospects and improve engagement with a clear 360° view of your potential and current customers. Verified and enriched data provides full-scope attributes on any business lead to benefit your business. 

With the help of our real-time data finding and processing technologies, companies from around the globe get intent data that shows when and where buyers are most likely to commit to the purchase. Detailed information on your prospects is designed to help the sales and marketing team to craft the most targeted message for the most optimal return-on-investment (ROI.)

Now the data is available! Organizing it in a meaningful way is equally important. Data integration is key for the successful funneling of information. Clear communication of metrics also helps businesses in understanding the conversion funnel and challenges of lead generation. To stay on constant revenue growth, digital marketing campaigns and sales operations should rely on multi-channel data funneling integrated into your CRM.

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Brilliant Content Marketing Strategy 

We heard that one before – content is king! That is still valid, but a great content marketing strategy must be supported with research and analysis. With the abundance of creative and video production platforms, there are so many ways to create stunning content. The issue with content that many businesses don’t always know how to place the content in front of the customers’ eyes.

A brilliant content marketing plan starts by knowing what your target audience likes and what type of content will help them solve a certain problem. To support your content strategy start with a keyword and competitive analysis. Tracking certain keywords and keyword combinations will help you craft content and stay ahead of the competition. Keyword overview can be easily done with assistive platforms such as SEM Rush. 

After creating a well-researched content plan, it’s time to enter the production stage. Attracting more leads starts by producing content with unique value that shares industry expertise. We recommend producing various forms of content including, blog posts, helpful guides, ebooks, podcasts, videos and webinars. Please don’t forget to promote your content and increase engagement on social media. In addition, posting continent regularly on your website will encourage more web visitors from organic search, which directs us to the next advice.


Website Optimization and User Experience

As we mentioned, your company’s website is the first place to distribute great content. You can boost engagement to your website from a paid advertisement on social media, email outreach and organic optimization. Finally, your guests are here! The next step is to direct them towards your goal – in this case – lead generation. A fully functional web design should support lead generation in various places. Your homepage is the first place to start generating. Make sure that your web designer includes a call-to-action (CTA) button on the banner of your homepage.

CTA for B2B leads

Continue to encourage your visitors to leave their contact information on your service, solutions, and blog pages. Here are some examples of CTA text for web buttons: “learn more,” “start a demo,” “get started,” “more about us,” and “subscribe” – subscribe to your newsletter of course! Every website should include a newsletter subscription form. 

A quicker way to attract leads is in landing page design format. Typically, paid advertisement visitors arrive at the landing page, where they can quickly glance through the valuable information and quickly take action. Plan wisely where and how you grab the visitors’ attention here. Whether you go for a landing page or just your website, always apply A/B testing for your content, CTA text and ad placement. 

One more thing before we continue to our next advice. Similar to previous years, mobile optimization continues to be crucial. Marketers tend to forget, that’s why we are here to remind you to optimize your website for mobile. Making sure that your website design and content is easily accessible on various mobile devices. A great mobile-friendly experience is delivered with speed. Quick access to images and videos will encourage users to stay longer on your website. In addition, mobile-first indexing and optimal website speed are rewarded by Google with better search rankings. 


Email Marketing 

Email marketing is still the easiest way to reach B2B leads with the quickest response rates. Similarly to content, email marketing strategy should be carefully planned and supported with research and email campaign funnel optimization. While planning the funnel for your email marketing campaign, take into consideration the conversion stage of your target audience and subscribers. It’s important to understand which action your prospects and existing customers are willing to take to engage with your brand. It is also highly important to plan the follow-up emails for various responses. 

Before you start your email campaign, email validation and data enrichment will help you get higher opening rates and reduce bounces. Outlasated Data’s email verification solution will clean your list from invalid emails and improve the deliverability of your email campaigns. Now with a clean email list, it’s time to design the email. Mailchimp’s Email Design Guide can help you craft an appealing message and body email that will grab your attention. 


Social Media Engagement and Communities 

In addition to email, social media platforms remain a solid source of B2B leads. LinkedIn works hard to constantly improve the algorithm for professional connectivity. Don’t exclude Facebook from your business lead-gen strategy. With some thought and planning, you can narrow your audience targeting for a successful lead-generating campaign, and at a lower cost than LinkedIn ads. 

After 2020, online video meetings and groups have played an important role in driving engagement during the pandemic. LinkedIn Live video streaming and additional new features have given marketers superpowers for engagement. 

Another wonderful feature to connect with leads organically is the ability to join LinkedIn groups. Start by finding groups that are centered around the problem your product or service solves. You can position yourself as an expert or connect with industry influencers by commenting, asking and answering questions, engaging and taking the conversation to messages. As an industry expert, you can establish a group of your own and represent your company with a non-promotional approach with your online community. 

If your business relies on B2B leads for growth, take advantage of the tips and technologies listed above. If your business needs high-value B2B leads, contact us for the quickest quality results.

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