8 Most Liked CRM Software for Small Business or Large Companies

Every marketing strategy will mention the importance of customer relationships. We’ve proven that focusing on building trusted relationships with our customers is critical for the success of both small businesses and large companies. Not only is it cheaper to retain customers than find new ones, a strong customer relationship management strategy that includes CRM software can gather useful data that will help a business better align its values, products, interactions, and content with its audience. 

No two CRM software are alike.

We’ve gathered some intel on the top 10 best CRM software on the market heading into 2022 based on their popularity for both small and large brands. 


Pipedrive. Although not the cheapest option (about $12.50 a month), Pipedrive provides an excellent user-friendly interface.


Monday.com. With 24/7 support and a rather inexpensive monthly fee (about $8.00), Monday.com has quickly overtaken a good chunk of the CRM market.


Oracle NetSuite. The 360-degree real-time view of your customers offered by Oracle NetSuite is hard to beat and is an easy decision-maker for many businesses of all sizes.


Keap. For $40 a month, businesses of all sizes (even sole entrepreneurs) can benefit from the Keap CRM platform. It includes a good selection of automation that makes customer tracking simple.


Hubspot. One of the most recognized CRM software – and for good reason. For $50 a month, you get a trusted dashboard and platform used by many top brands.


Salesforce. Another easily recognized platform, Salesforce starts at $12 per month and increases and offers more tools as your business grows.


Microsoft Dynamics. If you’re a trusted Microsoft Dynamics customer (and even if you’re not), then you’ll benefit greatly from all the tools, automation, and more that Dynamics has to offer — even if the monthly plan starts at $112.


Sugar CRM. It’s affordable ($40) and increasing quickly in popularity. If Coca-Cola uses it, then it must be good!


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