6 Steps to Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media

Social media must be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. You have an amazing product or service. Your creative team has produced engaging content that represents your brand. You’ve started posting, but surprisingly you realized that you are dancing on your own. Nobody likes to attend a party alone. The same applies to social media. It’s sad to see great social media posts without any clicks, likes, shares or comments. 

Let us tell you the truth, engagement won’t happen on its own – you need to take action. Today, the social landscape is more competitive than ever. It is not surprising that people are choosing to engage more selectively. When people will engage with your brand – it will be worth it! Positive brand experience encourages customers to make a purchase, connect with your service and recommend your brand to their peers. If you are on the mission to increase brand awareness, then this article is for you. Here are the 6 most effective ways to help you increase brand awareness with social media. 

1. Create Powerful Visual Content 

People pay attention and share visually appealing content. Please save your time creating text-only posts and add images or videos to your posts. In fact, adding images to Facebook posts increases engagement by 2.3 times more (according to Buzzsumo.) Original and exciting visual content tends to pop up and increase shareability. Content creation takes time and effort. Start by researching what content appeals to your audience. 

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Follow up with production. There are many free and low-cost design tools, such as Canva, that can help you stay within budget. There is an abundance of vibrant social media templates to plug and play with. We also recommend creating exciting graphics, infographics and videos. High-quality infographics combine images and valuable information while positioning industry expertise.

When you create content, think about the value for your audience. Informative content will not do the same job as educational content. Help your customers by solving their problems. That will increase brand loyalty and encourage your social followers to come back for more. Create your own news by posting links to your blog, webinars and guides. In addition to problem-solving, you may take the emotional appeal approach. Posts that intrigue happiness, sorrow or anger tend to increase engagement. 

2. Video

We talked about content in the previous section, but video gets its own headline. Following the pandemic, video content has received great recognition on social media. Educational videos, webinars and live-streaming boosted engagement on social platforms. For example, the utilization of LinkedIn Live streaming increased video usability on the platform by 89% in March 2020. Live video and new content features launched by LinkedIn over the last year help businesses increase brand awareness and generate high-value leads. 

3. Define the Tone for Each Platform

You are talking to different audience groups on each social platform. Therefore, the tone of your content should not be the same. To increase brand awareness, you should craft content that relates to your audience’s interests and characteristics of each platform. That applies to the creative part and the tone of your content. Here is a tone direction for each platform:

  • Instagram – artistic, playful, bold and vibrant

  • LinkedIn – professional, focused and clear

  • Facebook – humoristic, exciting, newsworthy and thrilling

  • Twitter – short and newsworthy

4. Take Advantage of the Hashtags Power 

Hashtags increase engagement! Posts with hashtags receive more engagement than posts without hashtags. Based on statistics by Compare Camp, Instagram posts with 1 hashtag receive 29% more engagement, while posts with 11 hashtags receive 79% more engagement. Similar to keywords, hashtags act as searchable tags. Including hashtags that relate to smaller groups will have more effect than including the most popular and obvious hashtags. In addition, we recommend creating hashtags for your brand, campaigns and events.

hashtag for brand awareness

5. Boost Your Posts with Paid Ads 

You have the quality content in place and followed our guidelines on how to increase brand awareness with social media. Honestly, there’s no reason to wait for the audience to find you organically. In addition to the organic efforts, your business can quickly reach your goal with the support of paid ads. Dedicate a portion of your marketing budget to boost your content to an audience of your choice. You can reach your prospects and increase brand positioning by demographics, interest and location. In addition, our sentiment and behavioral analysis can help you reach high-value leads with social marketing ads.

6. Engage with Others 

Tagging others is an effective and quick way to increase engagement. Whoever you tag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram receives a notification, which grabs the attention of your post and page. Be creative about tagging while encouraging comments and shareability. 

Another effective technique to engage with social media users is by commenting on their content. Frequent comments position you as an industry expert and increase visibility. There’s also an opportunity to insert links to educational blog posts. A great impression takes a long way. People are likely to click on your profile and visit your website from frequent comments. 


Generating the buzz around your brand may seem like a tough task. That’s why we listed the most essential actions that encourage brand awareness on social media. By following the list above, you will position your brand in front of more prospects. 

Please remember that Outlasted Data’s team is here to help you increase brand awareness with the power of data. Our BI-based insights help startups and large enterprises reach global audiences with a clear 360° view of current customers and prospects. Organic reach is wonderful, but with the power of data enrichment, you can increase brand awareness at the speed of light. 

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