5 Ways to Close More B2B Sales

It’s probably one of the most asked questions in business: how to close more sales. We know you’ve likely done quite a bit of research on the subject and perhaps this isn’t the first article you’ve found promising the best ways to close a B2B. We might not even be the best article on the internet, but we can promise that we’ve done a bit of research and our proven experience on the subject has to lead us to one – okay multiple – conclusions. 


Be conversational 

First, to close more B2B sales, you have to stop “selling.” It may seem counterintuitive, but as we are all businesses selling to other businesses, we’re inherently programmed to raise our defences at the first sign of “are you interested in…?” Instead of selling to your customers, provide them with value, nurture your relationship, and aim to be experts in your industry.


What is your value?

Don’t assume anything. Sending a message to a prospect and assuming that they’re struggling (cue the next sentence where you quickly dive into why you have the solution to all their problems) can turn away potential sales. You should be able to prove your business has value naturally without being in anyone’s face about it. In most instances, if a business has to get preachy about why they’re the best without giving anything to go on, they’re probably not.


Provide a unique offer

Know your competition. It’s important to always stay on top of what your competition is up to. Are they offering a deal on a certain product, you offer one too. Better yet, stay ahead of the game and offer a better price or sale first. Don’t be afraid to compare yourself to your competitors to your prospects either. If you are confident in what you have to offer, your potential customers will be confident when they close that sale.


Set clear expectations

Be confident in your business. If you’re interacting with a customer, provide them with set prices and expectations. For example, if you’re selling a service to a business, tell them “for this many hours per week, we will charge $xxx.” Don’t leave anything open for negotiation. If they want to counteroffer, let them, but stay firm in the value of what you have to offer. If you show doubt, so will they.


Optimize the sales cycle

Minimize the work your prospects need to put in. If your business has a lengthy sales process, each step or “hoop” they need to go through only decreases their likelihood of buying. Offer the opportunity to book a consultation with you right from your email. If you’re selling a product, put a “buy now” button or another call-to-action on the first page of your website. 


Hoping you can increase your B2B sales as quickly as possible? We have a few more tricks that can help. Reach out for a conversation with a member of the OutlastedData team today. 

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